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We help you save 60% water in laundry. Let's save our environment together!

Dhobiwala™ is focused in sustainability. We have introduced an innovative and collaborative program Dhobiwala™ Nest Specially developed for Apartment societies/ Villa societies and cluster neighbourhoods. We work closely with the association in devicing an effective operation model to ensure all your garment care needs are taken care by a team of professionals from Dhobiwala™. In this process you collectively help conserving water and other natural resources such as power and detergents. Using technology we help achieve a seemless end to end worlflow ensuring quality and speed
Dhobiwala™ Nest works within your apartment/villa complex itself. We provide quality steam ironing equipment and trained staff to steam iron your clothes, what's more we have dedicated staff collect and deliver your clothes from your door step, at your convenience. just register yourself on and place a pickup request online whenever you need our service. Clothes for laundry & dry-cleaning services will be carefully inspected and tagged before sending them to our centralised-processing unit where the clothes get processed. The clothes are then carefully packd and transported back to your home in crates to protect them from wrinkles-thus avoiding the usage of any kind of packing materials such as plastic or cardboard boxes.
Environment friendly
One stop solution
Single point contact
Technologically driven
Peace of mind
Save money
Water Consumption illustration

Number of residents in a house

Number of clothes washed per day

Water consumed by washing machine per cycle
150-200 litres

Water saved by using Dhobiwala
90-120 litres
A Society with 500 homes and about 2000 residents would consume 23.25 lakh litres - 31 lakh litres of water
in laundry every month.
Using Dhobiwala™ saves 14 lakh - 19 lakh litres of water every month.

Let's think and act for our future generation